How To Create Emotionally Irresistible Web Copy

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If you want to outrageously successful in selling anything with your sales copy, you should focus your message on hitting your prospects’ every emotional “hot buttons” to make them pumped-up enough to respond and give you their money.Because people make buying decisions based on emotions, not logic.I don’t care if your market are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies with years of college education, or rocket scientists with off-the-scale I.Qs…As long as they’re humans, they’re still mainly using their emotions when making any buying decision.Because it’s human nature. They can’t resist it.That’s not a big secret at all, but most people still don’t have a clue on how to effectively stir their prospects’ emotions to make them want their products or services then buy without hassle.

Actually, making your web copy more emotionally appealing is simple. Here are 3 surefire steps to do it:

Step 1: Find Their Demands or “Hot Buttons”
You should dig deep into your prospects’ life and uncover their deepest desire. I mean, find out what they really want. Do they have dreams they want to achieve? Do they have really painful problems they desperately want to get rid as fast and as easy as humanly possible? Find them out.But how to do it? The answer is : RESEARCH them to the outrageous extreme!
Here are some of my favorite ways to research:
– Go to their favorite discussion forums and take notes on their posts.
– Survey them.
– And practically read everything they read including websites, ezines, offline magazines, and even your competitors’ ads and sales letters… especially the successful ones!
Once you gathered enough data about their demands, the next step you should do is…

Step 2: Channel Those Demands to Your Product or Service
Explain them, in great detail, how your product and service can help them achieve their sweetest dreams or solve their worst problem, how fast and easy it’ll be, etc.
Create a vivid mental picture in their mind of how wonderful it’ll feel to achieve their dreams as the result of using your product or service. Describe the benefits in great detail until they can “see and feel” the pleasures.

All right, by now your prospects should be so pumped-up they could head-butt their computer monitor if they don’t get their hands on anything you have to sell, right?
Not so fast…
You see, no matter how good you explain the benefits to them, no matter how great your claims are, if they don’t believe you, they’ll not respond…
So the last step is…

Step 3: Proof Your Claims
One of my favorite ways to do it is by using many specific testimonials.
Testimonials that can back your promises up are the best. Here’s how to get it: Ask your existing customers about their results from using your product (usually 1-2 months after they buy). Don’t just ask about what they think about it, ask them for specific results!
Sure, you might get less testimonials if you ask them to tell you their results, because most of your customers are very likely will never use your product at all after they buy. This is absolutely true if you’re selling information products such as ebooks, home study courses, etc.

So you can consider to ask for testimonials TWICE. The first one is asking for their opinion about your product, usually sent 1 or 2 weeks after they buy, then 1 or 2 months later, send them another email asking them for the specific results they get from using your product or service.

This time you educate them on how to write “killer” testimonials. Tell them you want their success story, give them some examples of good testimonials and describe what kind of testimonials you want to hear from them.

You can also motivate them to do it by offering some valuable bonuses for taking their time to send you their success stories.

Another way to proof your claims are by using pictures. For example, if you’re selling bodybuilding or weight loss products, using “before and after” pictures should be effective to proof your claims.

Bottom line, you should give your prospects as many reasons as possible to believe your claims or they won’t take your promises seriously!

If you follow this simple formula, you’ll make your sales message more emotionally appealing to your prospects and they’d be more excited to pay you for your products or services.
Closing the sale would be much easier !

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Best wishes,
David Looney
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San Antonio,Texas
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