Why People Fail MLM

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The Real Reason People Quit…

On the surface this may seem like a very simple question that could be answered by a few of the typical/obvious answers: They quit.They didn’t plug in.They didn’t participate.

Whatever… What you want to ask yourself, or maybe even know about yourself, is WHY…

WHY didn’t they follow through, while others do?

When I finally learned the answer to this question last week listening to a CD in my MLM university (aka, my truck), it was quite sobering…Not only did the reason behind their results come into the open, but the

reason for my recent spat of success became apparent as well.So what’s the answer?

Why do most people fail when a select few succeed?

Drum roll please…

Those who do succeed have a Core Desire to do so.

Those who don’t share that same Core level of desire will not.

“Desire… Ya Dave I’ve already heard that 100 times from my upline: ‘Just look for people with desire and you’ll do great… Yada Yada Yada… Everyone I talk to has the desire to make more money. It hasn’t made any difference so far.”And you’re right.

The difference is in their level of desire.

The only time anything ever gets done in your life – When you follow it through to completion with a sense of urgency, is when you desire to accomplish that task at Core Level of 100 on a scale of 100.

You must accomplish it. It’s a part of you. It consumes you. It dominates your thoughts above and beyond anything else each day and all day.These are Core desires, and the people who achieve notable success in network marketing, have that accomplishment as a core desire.They are the ones you see on stage and hear on the training calls.

That’s it.

That’s the secret.

If attaining your goal, whether it be to pay off your credit cards, buy a house, save for retirement, or fire your boss, is not a core desire, and not attached to your networking business, you will not succeed. Period.

The sad truth, is that most people in this industry did not buy a business,

they bought hope. And hope is never backed by true desire. Hope is for the undecided.

A career in network marketing (i.e. a boss free life), has been a core desire

of mine for the last 7 years.I’ve moved across the country because of it. I’ve taken certain jobs because

of it. I’ve dated or not dated because of it. I spent money on training instead of furniture because of it.

The desire to never work for anyone else again has been a dominating force in my life, and it’s the reason I didn’t quit after the first 6 years of hell. It’s the reason I continued to pour every spare cent I ever made into my business. Yet I kept going forward without doubt because I have this core desire at a level of 100 to succeed in networking. And this means my success was 100% guaranteed. It was no longer a matter of IF, but when…So that’s why people you sponsor quit.

Don’t get frustrated. 80% of people who join you will never sponsor more than 1 rep or customer. Most people simple don’t have the desire at a level of 100 to accomplish their goals through their new business. They just bought hope in order to quiet that little voice inside them that keeps nagging them to make a change.

Once they buy the business, and they don’t make $1,000 in 5 days, they can then justify their fear of change with the “logic” that it just “didn’t work”,and that they knew it was a scam to begin with… This is especially true

with opportunity seekers, which is why I don’t waste my money on leads and why you shouldn’t either.


So sad, yet so true. People are funny aren’t they?

So my question to you is…

What is your desire level to achieve your goal through network marketing?

Is it at 50? (like most people)

Is it at 80? (not enough)

Is it at 90? (not enough)

Or is it at 100? (The only number that WILL produce results).

You should be able to tell pretty quickly…

What do you do each day to build your business? How many books on the industry do you own?

How many conference calls are you on each week? How many people do you talk to about your business/product each day? What would you be willing to give and sacrifice to succeed?

I hope the answer to that questions is “whatever it takes”, because I can promise you the end result is worth the sacrifice. So how can you tell if your prospect is going to succeed or fail from the very first phone call?


Ask them this question: “So which books are you currently reading on self-

development and marketing?”

Anyone who is TRULY serious about being a successful entrepreneur will be able to name at least one book they are reading right now. Those who can’t, are just kidding themselves.

Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility.It’s up to you to choose the thoughts and actions that will lead you to success!

Your life will be what you make of it.Nothing will ever happen by itself.Success will come your way once you realizethat you have to make it come your way by your own actions!

The power to succeed is yours alone!


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