Attractive VS Unattractive Content

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When you start creating content on the web it’s important to know the difference between ‘spam’ and value.
This is not a black and white line–it’s about how the community where you’re posting your content will perceive your intentions.
Is your priority to give value to them first, or is it to ask for them to buy from you?
How they perceive your intentions will make or break you in attraction marketing.
One of the biggest benefits you receive as you move through the Renegade Professional training area is not only how to set up your marketing technically (even if you’re not very good on the computer)… but more importantly, we teach you how to write great content, or create good videos that people will see as valuable.
Knowing how to put together content that is perceived as value will attract a large audience… and it’s powerful. 
Yes, you have other options and we teach them too…
You can hire writers and we show you how to do that for about $12 an article–and that’s a far more effective way to spend your money to build a business than buying leads or advertising.
You can use Google Adwords and that’s fine–but expensive.
You can use free ads like Craigslist or traffic exchanges–we show that to you–but it’s nothing compared to what you can produce if you learn how to write.
If you can put sentences together and compose an email you can learn this stuff–if you’re willing to try.
The leverage you get from learning how to create powerful, concise content is unmatched.
Just one of the courses in the Professional back office will teach you how to create powerful content of your own, at no cost, that will build an audience and attract your target market to you–eager to know more from you. 
That’s pre-selling as we’ve discussed and it’s the closest you’ll get to printing money.
By now you’ve learned the importance of knowing your target market and you’ve received the formula for identifying who they are, what they need, and how you can go about attracting them to you in huge quantities.
If you’ve watched the Webinars inside the University (on the Step 3 page) you know where you can go and what you can do to get your prospects literally coming to you.
For the technical step-by-step help and to join a community that not only supports you but where you can participate to develop your leadership, join us by upgrading in Step 3 from the bottom of the page inside your University.
We’ll not only take you click by click to setting all this up, we’ll teach you what to write and how to write it, following a simple but powerful formula.
We’ll teach you how to create videos that stand out–to build your list that way if you prefer–even if you’re tech-challenged on the computer.
We’ve made it so it’s just $1 to join, but that won’t last forever. 
We originally set that up so you could see how powerful this all is and have access to it for a week with no risk.   That offer still stands… but soon, it will cost $195 to join. 
Many of our members say that any one of the 6 week courses are worth thousands by themselves.
Log into your University, go to Step 3 and upgrade to Professional — you be the judge.  Is this the most powerful training program you’ve ever seen? 
Does it surpass your expectations?  
If not, we’ll give you your dollar back.  If it’s exactly what you’re supposed to be doing right now to move your life forward, stay for $39.95 per month until you have all the prospects you could ever need coming to you continuously.
Whatever you do, come ready to work… if you do, you’re going to win big here.  The Internet is growing very rapidly.  You are getting in front of a huge trend.  Let us help you become a professional at this stuff.
We think you’ll agree that this is the absolute, no doubt, best move you could ever make in your business.  You get 7 days in there to find out.  
I’ll see you inside.
Partners in success,
David Looney
Your next step to put it to the test for YOUR business: 
  • Log in at
  • Click on Renegade University
  • After logging in, go to Step 3 Page
  • Upgrade at the bottom of that page

If you still haven’t joined Renegade University, you should go to :
< Click Here For Renegade University

Getting Leads

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Lead generation is the life blood of every MLM business. To be successful, you have to generate a continuous stream of  targeted leads that are interested in you and what you can do for them!

In the past people relied heavily on their warm marketing to build their MLM businesses. The warm market in MLM refers to all the people that you know, typically your friends and family.

Although some people found success building their network marketing businesses this way many didn’t. There are some major flaws in the concept of using your warm market as a source of leads for your MLM business.

When you approach people about your business instead of the other way around, chances are they are not really interested.
Your friends and family already have a pre-existing idea of who you are and that may not be a serious business person. This means they may not take you seriously and that is especially true if you have tried multiple opportunities in the past.
Everyone has a limited number of friends and family that they can approach about a business, once that has been exhausted the network marketer has to then resort to soliciting strangers which is even less effective (and uncomfortable for most people).
So What’s the Solution?

The best way to build a network marketing business is to generate leads for your business through effective marketing techniques.

In the old days before the internet, marketing was a slow and costly alternative to prospecting friends and family. Running advertisements in newspapers, TV or radio was wildly expensive and doing flyer drops was much less targeted.

These old kinds of advertising where like a shot gun approach — you would spay your message in front of many people and hope that it stuck with some. With magazines you could certainly get more specific by advertising in a niche that was related to your MLM opportunity but this cost quite a lot of money.

Targeted MLM Leads Using The Internet

The Internet is the ultimate lead generation mechanism for any business, especially a network marketing home business.

The internet gives you instant feedback about your market. You can start a marketing campaign and within hours and sometimes even minutes, have your message in front of people that are searching for what you have to offer.

Instead of putting a message in front of many people and hoping it sticks, the internet allows you to deliver your message with laser targeted accuracy.

Free & Paid Lead Generating Options Using The Internet

Depending on your skill level and also your budget you can choose to use the internet to generate leads using free lead generation methods or paid.

Whether you are using free or paid lead generation methods, apply attraction marketing principles as outlined in Ann Sieg’s free report, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto is recommended.

Free Lead Generation Methods

There are many free lead generation methods that network marketers can use to get leads for their business. Some are truely free while others there is an initial set up cost…….web 2.0 sites offer a FREE source  of targeted leads.

Blogging – there are two types of blogging, hosted or self hosted. The hosted kind of blogging means that you can create a free account with wordpress, blogger, typepad or one of the free blogging platforms. This is a 100% free option but can be a little risky. What can happen is the service that you host your free blog on can shut your account down for being overly promotional. This seems to be an arbitrary process and can cost the blogger is fortune if they have a popular blog.

Self hosted blogging is where you pay for your own web hosting (which is usually around $5 per month) and this gives you complete control over your website, no one can ever tell you to take it down, it’’s your asset 100%.

Blogs are a very popular way for people to generate leads. Basically it’s a matter of witting quality content about aspects of your network marketing product or opportunity.

Article Marketing – article marketing is a completely free way to generate leads for a network marketing business, all it takes is your time to write and submit the articles.

When you write an article and submit it to the article directories, publishers will pick it up and put it on their sites if it is of value. These sites often already have a large readership and so you won’t have to worry about generating traffic to your website, just focus on writing good articles.

At the bottom of each article that you write, you are able to put a link to your website where people can get more information about you and what you do. The people that take the time to read your articles and click through to find out more about you are typically very targeted leads.

Paid Lead Generation Methods

There are a number of paid methods that you can use to generate leads on the internet but these require a much more careful approach, the last thing you want to do is rack up a debt without generating any leads.

PPC Marketing – This is a very popular way to generate leads on line. Pay-Per-Click marketing or sometime referred to as search marketing means that you are able to place and ad on the right hand side of the search results. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay the search engine company a fee.

If you are advertising in a competitive market you can pay as much as $1 and even up to $10 and $15 for a single click. PPC can be extremely effective and a very fast way to generate leads but unless you know what you are doing, you should proceed with caution. You can learn more about all these marketing methods by clicking on my favorite links Renegade University.


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