How To Start From Scratch And Grow Your Internet Business

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How I Started an Internet Business and Made $1,000

The 7 simple keys that make the big difference between
success and failure.

– By Marlon Sanders

I started my Internet business from scratch.

In the early days it was AOL and Compuserve

Later, the World Wide Web burst onto the scene.

If you’re starting from scratch, I’ve been there.If you’re already got “something” going but you wanna have multiples of that something going,this article will help you.

Key #1: Build your lead generation

The heart and soul of your online business is lead

You’ve gotta have traffic to your site. And you’ve
gotta get people on your email list and make sales.

The most important skill you’ll develop is the ability to generate leads for your business. Never lose focus on that fact.

If you haven’t started a daily lead generation activity, start today. Find something (anything) that generates leads and get it running.

Even if it’s only one lead a day. If you’ve heard the Promo Dashboard interview with Daegan Smith, you know he converts 3% leads off of Traffic Swarm.

He gets leads off of ezine ads. I personally am going back to running ezine ads.

You can write articles, submit them, turn them into videos, submit those, record an audio and submit it to podcast directories.

You can post in forums 3X daily with a signature line offering a freebie.

You can run a few pay-per-click ads or buy a banner


Just get started. It IS the engine of your business.It’s everything. Without it you are nothing.

Key #2: Add a new skill weekly or monthly

I believe that success in this business is built one skill at a time.

You stack skill sets.

Maybe this week or this month you learn to do screen

capture video using Camstudio or Camtasia.

Next week or next month you learn to use Dreamweaver,Sonic Memo or Photoshop Elements.

But you keep layering in skill sets.

In my Dashboard series, I try to turbocharge people’s skillset stacking. That’s my objective. To put it on fast forward.

You need to learn how to submit articles using article marketer or
submit your article. You need to learn how to use tracking links.

There are many skills to learn. Just add one a week and you’ll be rocking in no time.

Key #3: Outsource once you have a system

I really think some people are getting the cart before the horse. Once you have something rolling, you outsource it.

It’s difficult in my experience to get results by outsourcing what you don’t already have rolling.First get it rolling.

Then outsource it.

Key #4: The hardest person you’ll ever hire is person


You’ll worry and fret about whether or not you can afford them.

If they have talent, you can afford them. If they have mediocre talent, you can’t afford them. If they have a low level of talent, they’ll suck money out of your pocket.

But once you have something coming in, don’t be afraid to pay for help.

If you don’t, it’ll cost you in the long run.

Key #5: Never take your eye off the ball

The ball is your lead generation. Whether you use an affiliate program, article marketing, seo, ppc, paid advertising or viral marketing, that is the engine of your business.

Never take your eye off of it. In Key #1 I said you build your business by lead generation.

Now I’m telling you the secret to staying in business is to keep the pedal to the metal when it comes to lead generation.

Key #6: The better you convert visitors to sales, the easier your lead generation will come.

You’ll find it’s easier to afford media, outsourcing and help the more visitors you convert to sales.

Key #7: A robust back end fuels the fire

The more you have rock solid upsells in place, the more you have recurring billing or forced continuity, the more you have big tickets, the more you sell on the back end, the more lubrication your business has and the easier it runs.

A skinny rabbit will lose a long race for lack of fuel.

Keep your back end (your repeat business) fat and happy.

Out of all these keys, the most important one is #2.Because if you keep doing that, you’ll eventually do all the other keys.

Leaders are readers. Charlie Tremendous Jones said that many years ago.

And it’s true!

There’s a niche market I’m involved in as a buyer, not a seller.

And what I’ve noticed is that the people who succeed in this field are ones who have an awesome skill set. While some people complain about how hard it is to learn new things and how tough it is, the winners just keep plowing away.

Some people succeed in business due to genius.But the surest route to success is to keep plowing away.Keep learning. Keep doing.

Balance your learning and your doing. If you spend 80% of your time learning, that’s likely too much unless you’re a newbie.

If you spend 90% of your time doing, you probably aren’t building your skill set enough and sharpening your saw.

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The Secret Of Getting People To Buy From You

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What do you think the ONE thing is that gets people to buy from you?

Think about what your answer is before you read on. OK. Got it?

For the last 12+ years I’ve been saying this business is basically simple.

At heart, you find a group of people who want stuff and you get ‘em to give you money for it.

Of course, the magic is in the part where people willingly give you their money.

When I was a child, my favorite part of the fair was the carnival pitchmen who sold knives and blenders and the little mouse that crawled up your arm.

I’ve been studying what gets people to buy ever since.

I have no desire to make it complex or complicated. I really believe when you discover the secret of something, it’s, at heart, simple.

So here is the result of what I’ve learned since I was a kid watching carnival pitchmen.

The secret of getting people to buy from you is….


Now, in the old days I would have said. That the ONLY reason someone buys is to get benefits. And that’s TRUE.

But I think the term “conveying value” better describes the process.

Here are a few ways you convey value for whatever it is you’re selling.

1. Show the benefits over time

Show how money spent today results in benefits now and in the future.

2. Show the instant benefit

A lot of times people don’t believe they’ll get a benefit. So if it’s instant, you raise believability.

3. Show all the WAYS the buyer benefits

Think of the infomercial where they say, “It slices, it dices, it chops and it even grates. You can use it to peel oranges, chop tomatoes, grate cheese, and even
make party favors.”

4. Demonstrate the benefit

Show it instead of just telling about it.

5. Have third parties talk about the benefits they received

This is social proof.

Those are a few ways that come to my mind.

6. Tell STORIES about people who benefited.

7. Product packaging conveys value

The packaging of the product and the look or image of the web site and blog conveys value.

Here’s my question to you:

Whatever it is that you’re selling, HOW could you convey value?

Brainstorm all the ways you could do that.

A sales letter is a set of words that follow a proven formula for conveying value and creating urgency.

A lot of people get caught up in writing, and forget it’s all about conveying value. The same thing goes for the belief that people don’t read long copy.

They don’t. Unless they’re thinking about buying. THEN your copy had BETTER adequately convey value. There are MANY times I didn’t buy ONLY because the web site conveyed too little information and too little value for me to make a positive buying decision.

You’ve got to SHOW and TELL me all the ways your product or service creates VALUE for me.

If that chunk of value ends up being multiples of the money I’ll spend, then you have my positive buying decision.

To convey value, you’ve gotta get out of your head and get into your buyer’s head. And say, “What do they WANT?”

Because the VALUE is NOT in your product or service. The VALUE, oddly enough, is in satisfying the wants of the buyer.

That’s how value is created.

Now once you CREATE that value by satisfying their wants, you have to CONVEY the value. The best product does NOT win.

The most knowledgeable online marketers do NOT make the largest bank deposits. Those who do the most exquisite job of CONVEYING the value they have do.

There’s an art to conveying value.

Some people do it by bragging and hyping really hard.

Some do it subtly with skill and implication.

Some do it via the brute force of a massive product launch.

Some do it via multiple channels of audio, video, text, emails, reports, interviews and so forth.

It’s more art than science. Although there’s a science to it.

But the common theme is CONVEY.

I LAUGH so hard sometimes about Internet marketing. Because new people and even experienced ones get so caught up in the pitches.

“I just don’t know which method I should buy and follow. Should I do this one or that one or the other one? It’s SO confusing.”

THINK about it.

The one thing ALL those systems have in common is the system promoter wants you to BUY something from him or her.

Now — go and do thou likewise.

You have to be in the Game a long time before you really see how simple and wise that advice is.

The money is in the selling. Not the buying.

So the smart person buys info that helps them sell. That’s how I see it.

Products are a dime a dozen. People have this ILLUSION that if they create the BEST PRODUCT they’ll win. So they get all caught up in the paralysis of analysis and should I do this or that product, and how can I make it the best.

The best product does NOT win. Products are a dime a dozen.

The best PROMOTION wins. And the marketer wins who does the best job of CONVEYING value.

So stop obsessing over creating the perfect product and create products with consistent value using “The Writer’s Secret.”

Then get busy CONVEYING that value via every means possible. Or at least the ones that you enjoy the most or find interesting or challenging.

It’s funny that people can be in this Game so long and not understand that it’s all about creating value in the form of products then CONVEYING that value effectively through multiple channels.

Are you a value creator?

Are you a value conveyor?

If you aren’t, then it’s high time you start studying how others create and convey value.

This goes for anyone selling anything.

The lessons are out there in the real world on every street corner. Everyday merchants create and convey value.

Open your eyes.

Look. Watch. Listen.

This is the gospel of marketing.

It’s there every second if you have eyes to see.

And now you know the secret of getting people to buy from you!

Great Resource……Get a really cool website creator dashboard!

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