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The Renegade Network Marketer

What is The Renegade Network Marketer all about?

It is true that most of the time, network marketing reps or distributors find it hard to make money in the network marketing industry.

They usually face problems like:

  • Lack of confidence or posture when approaching prospects
  • Prospects ‘running away’ from them resulting in them constantly hunting their prospects down like a rabid bull dog
  • Lots of cash poured out into their business – attending hotel meetings, leadership seminars, buying books, buying leads or even buying coffee or meals for their prospects
  • Downline attrition
  • Generally, huge difficulty in ‘building their business’

Eventually, they come to a realization that what they have been taught doesn’t seem to bring results or ‘the system’ isn’t working at all (but at the same time they are too afraid to question the system)

IS There A Solution

Ann Sieg, author of the 7 Lies Of Network Marketing and the creator of The Renegade Network Marketer has put together a system.

This System teaches struggling network marketing reps how the current network marketing system is filled with outdated and inefficient techniques for prospecting that contributes to the reason why 97% of network marketers fail in their businesses.

She teaches a few things in The Renegade System:

  1. The awful truth that most network marketing uplines themselves are clueless when it comes to marketing and they teach all the wrong ways to approach their prospects (cold calling, going through your name list, dragging prospects to attend opportunity meetings…)
  2. How to look for the right TARGET market. This is something not taught in network marketing circles who preach that EVERYONE is your prospect regardless if it is an 18 year old kid or your 80 year old grandmother. These people might not or are not interested in your ‘business opportunity’ and you should focus on people who are true opportunity seekers
  3. How to use a variety of effective Internet methods to bring in targeted, hungry prospects who want to buy your products and opportunities with credit card in hand.
  4. How to develop the proper posture in MLM prospecting making you the hunted (branding yourself as an expert) instead of the desperate hunter
  5. The RIGHT way to build a network marketing business so that you will have constant leads, proper training (easily duplicated) and cash flow as well

Under normal circumstances, people in the network marketing industry are actually quite hesitant to embrace these ‘unconventional’ techniques.

This is actually quite normal because they were taught otherwise. Therefore, this information is not for every casual network marketer unless they are prepared to go through a paradigm shift and they want to succeed badly enough!

The Renegade Network Marketer

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