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Want to sell more on the Net? Write better?

The power is in your words! Unfortunately, at least 98% of small business sites start “at the end”… the sale. Great Netwriting is actually far, far more than writing great sales copy. Before you write to sell, take an order, clear a credit card and ship a product… You need traffic. PREsold traffic. And sales copy does not do that. That is why effective Netwriting is really a two-step process… PREsell, then SELL. And that requires two different kinds of writing…
1) Write to PREsell.
2) Then, and only then, write to SELL.
The most important step (#1) has been virtually ignored by all who write about writing on the Net.

Now for the good news… you can do this. How? Take The Netwriting Masters Course. It is the only book about Netwriting that covers both PREselling and selling (every other book on Netwriting focuses only on writing to sell — this itself is a reflection of that “starting-at-the-end” philosophy). And now for the best news of all… The Netwriting Masters Course is free. Effective Netwriting (i.e., the kind that generates income) is indeed something that anyone can accomplish. There is nothing magical or complicated about it. And you don’t need an English degree or literary genius to do it. You just need to follow the right process, the correct steps. And that requires you to make the critical offline-to-online business mindshift from “location, location, location” to… “Information, information, information!” Surfers on the Net are not looking for you or your business. People search for information, for solutions. So give them what they want. Well before you make your first sale, provide the information (i.e., high value content) that people are searching for, in a way that the Search Engines like.
Create content that OVERdelivers what your visitors seek! Change the Process to Change the Results Most small businesses fail on the Net because they prepare to sell and collect money, before they have provided what their visitors are searching for… information. These small business owners build a Web site to sell and somehow figure that traffic will just show up and be willing to buy or hire immediately. Wrong thinking… wrong process… no results! It’s like pushing a string. You have to pull instead… pull targeted visitors into your site, PREsell them… then, and only then, sell. Let’s boil it down to four simple steps…

1) Create the information that your prospective customers want.
2) Attract targeted traffic — win the Search Engine wars!
3) PREsell your visitors — build confidence (people buy from those they trust).
4) Convert traffic to dollars — sell (whatever that may be… hard goods, e-goods, services, even clicks on Google ads).

As you can see, the first three steps involve a completely different kind of Netwriting. Write to deliver what humans want… information. And write for two audiences, the Search Engine spiders and the humans. The 2% of small business owners, who succeed on the Net, build targeted, interested traffic first. They do this by providing the type of high value content that their visitors are searching for and that the Search Engines like. Next… these smart business owners PREsell (“warm up” their visitors) through excellent theme-based content that is related to the concept of their product or service (or the ones they represent). This type of content builds trust and an “open-to-buy” in their visitors’ minds. Then, and only then… the winning 2% introduce their benefit-focused sales copy to convert their “PREsold” visitors into enthusiastic customers. This is critical, so let’s repeat… Only after you attract targeted visitors and PREsell them, are you then ready to monetize!
To date, all the attention about writing-for-the-Net focuses on only one of the four key steps, the last one. Yes, that last one is an important one (it can literally triple sales… or destroy all your good efforts if you write terrible sales copy). But sales copy only gets a chance to shine after your PREselling content gets the first three steps “right/write.”

The Netwriting Masters Course is the first and only course that shows you how to get the whole process correct… and it’s free!
Join the “Top 1%” on the Net. PREsell with information-packed content, then sell with benefit-focused sales copy, smoothly converting your visitors into customers. This “1-2” power strategy is the core to building traffic and earning income on the Net. Right thinking… right process… profitable results! You can do the same……go there now!

Best wishes,
David Looney
4514 Hidden Creek
San Antonio,
Main Website:

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